The festive season is raining offers on Home Appliances so we decided to do a piece on important pointers to help you buy a new AC. Apart from the various factors including price that determine which type of air conditioner is better, there is an age-old debate as to which type of coil is better – Copper or Aluminium.

Earlier, condensing coils were manufactured from Aluminum. It was beneficial to the manufacturer’s since it was less expensive and had high transfer properties. But Aluminum coils require high maintenance. Repairing Aluminum is almost impossible. Generally the coil has to be completely replaced if it is corroded or forms leaks.

  • Copper tube is preferred than aluminium as its thermal conductivity is higher. Hence, temperature difference between the refrigerant and air will be low.
  • Copper’s specific heat is lower than aluminium’s specific heat. This means that copper is easier to heat up, or cool down whenever the system is switching between on and off mode.
  • The hardness, rigidity, and the oxidizing or corrosion resistance of Copper is also better than Aluminium.

Copper tube wins in all areas. It is relatively difficult to oxidise, has good strength and rigidity. The higher strength means that you have to put in more force for tube bending, compared to aluminium. Better still, copper can be repaired easily using soldering . Aluminium, on the other hand, is very difficult to repair as the welding process is delicate and sensitive. This is why aluminium tube failures will result in tube replacement. Check for the make of both the coils. It is sometimes misleading as either of the two coils i.e. cooling or condensing is made of Copper.

So before you fall into the trap of owning a low cost AC this festive season, check into the parameters of BEE star rating, coils, sound levels, part or whole warranties, charge for the fitting or installation kits that may be additional. Pay more attention to the lifetime cost of the AC rather than the one-time low payment. Happy Shopping 🙂

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