How long do Indoor coils last in a home AC?


  • By now we are all accustomed to the working of an air conditioner. We know that It works by removing the heat from the interior of the space and pushing it to the outside. We also know that the air conditioning system consists of the compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, blower fan, condenser fan, thermostat and related electrical circuitry and tubing. The evaporator coil provides the cold air while the condenser coil releases the heat. In this section, we emphasize on the life of indoor coils also known as evaporator coils.

    Evaporator Coil –

    The evaporator coil is made of Copper or Aluminum tubing about 1/3 inch in diameter that curves in a serpentine fashion through a grid of metal cooling fins. The fins help the tubing to absorb heat from the air flow and cool the air flowing in the confined space. The fins are made of either aluminum or copper, as both absorb and release heat quickly. It is

    Poor Coil Maintenance –

    Dust, dirt and gime get past the air filter over repeated use and collect on the evaporator coil. The coil is moist with condensation, so impurities stick to the coil and provide a collection point for more dust and particles to accumulate. The contaminants reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer and also provide a breeding ground for mold and corrosion to form. Corrosion will eventually cause the evaporator coil to leak, requiring replacement. Excessive dirt will block the air flow enough to trap too much cold air around the evaporator, causing it to ice up. Ice formation can damage or destroy the evaporator if left unchecked.

    Ideal Life Expectancy –

    An evaporator coil needs to be regularly maintained in order to have a long lasting life time.

    • After being used for a long time, dust, dirt and pollen will accumulate onto your air filter before it starts to collect on your evaporator coil.
    • The impurities or contaminants will in the end decrease the efficiency of the heat transfer and also making it a place for mold to grow plus also the formation of corrosion.
    • Whenever corrosion starts to build up, it will cause your evaporator coil to leak. Therefore, you may be required to replace the evaporator coil.
    • The accumulation of too much dirt will in the end will block the air flow of your evaporator coil and trap too much cold air around the evaporator coil. Then, the coil will ice up thus damaging or destroying the coil if you leave the coil unattended.
    • By having a proper schedule of maintenance for your home air conditioning compressor
    • The evaporator coil should be able to last for up to 8 to 10 years, which is an ideal lifetime for an evaporator coil.

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