Cost of gas or refrigerant refill in AC

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If your Ac is not producing enough cold air, there is a chance that your Air conditioner may require repair or a refrigerant / gas refill. The cost of air conditioner refrigerants vary. This is due to several factors including the type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses and the quantity of refrigerant required to bring the unit back to manufacturers recommendation.

Type of Refrigerant : 

Cost of refilling will greatly depend on what type of refrigerant your current A/C unit may need.  Most older units use R-22 gas and most new high efficiency air conditioners (AC’s) use a new gas called R410A.  R-22 is the older model of the two and in process to be phased out by the EPA.  The price for R-22 has increased significantly over the past few years due to its scarcity in the market and is projected to increase even more.

Acs should be serviced and maintained periodically. Failure to do so will affect its performance. There are several other maintenance procedures that should be carried out. Gas top up is one of the little known problems that is associated with air conditioners. Consider the following – the condensing and the cooling coil system of your air conditioner is damaged. Definitely, it will start to leak. With time, the leak will result in emptying of the gas. Thus topping up the aircon with gas is a procedure that will resolve the issue.

Gas Top Up

Gas top up is the process of filling up the gas so that the Ac unit can work as expected. When there is insufficient gas in the system, the aircon will not work and even if it works, it will not be able to restore the room temperatures to the required levels.

When should you top up your aircon gas?

This is one of the challenging question faced by number of AC users. There are some individuals who believe that their Ac should only be topped up in case a leakage has been noticed. This is not always the case. There are various situations that should prompt you to top us your Ac gas. For instance:

1. When your air conditioner cannot produce cold air

This is the easiest and the surest way to confirm that the aircon gas should be refilled. Basically, the gas facilitates the conversion of hot air into cold air. Therefore, if your system cannot produce cold air, you will definitely confirm that the gas is insufficient. Establishing that your aircon no longer produces cold air because the cold air is not transferred in the room evenly. Therefore, high temperature in the room / area is an indicator that the gas level is down.

2. Water leakage

This is another perfect way to confirm if you should top up the freon gas. Normally, water leakages in the aircon unit indicate that gas top up is necessary. Water leakages results from incomplete vaporization process. Incomplete vaporization occurs when the gas is exhausted. However, the leakages may also result from other issues.

3. Persistent poor performance of the AC
When you install your Ac, you should always check its performance regularly. This tip is essential especially if you want to enjoy optimum services. If you can perfect how to monitor the performance of your Ac unit correctly, you will be able to tell if gas refilling is necessary.

The tips that have been listed above are handy when it comes to gas refilling. The factors will also enable us to enjoy maximum services from the Ac.

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