Save Money StarrantyLow price sounds appealing to a whole lot of us, right? Just getting some guy who knows about air conditioners and paying him to install your unit may seem like the smart thing to do, but there is a cost to low price.
Can you truly afford it?

  • Low price is quick, and disposable. Is that how you want the investment you make in your home to be described?
  • Low price breaks down and probably on the hottest day of the year, too.
  • Low price costs money. Sure you’re saving now, but how about when it inevitably needs repairs or replacement because it wasn’t installed correctly the first time.
  • What’s the overall cost of low price in the long run? Low price shows up as a Freon leak into the environment and overpaying power bills.

When you install new air conditioning units, think of long-term benefits. Make sure that the things like Freon levels are checked and are done correctly so that you’re not paying extra money by means of your electricity bills. Good luck getting back in touch with the low priced technician when you need him the most to have him clean up the mess he made on your wallet and your home.

Think about the total overall cost of owning an air conditioning unit? You still sure you want low priced?

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