A bird inside your AC

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Last week we received a complaint for a Window AC that shut down with a thud while in use and refused to start. The customer suggested that the Compressor may have conked off. We scheduled a technician visit to inspect the unit who reported back with a “Bird nesting issue”. Birds are looking for a dry, sheltered place to roost and lay eggs; occasionally build nests around AC units. These appliances appeal to birds because they offer protection from environmental elements and from predators.

It’s Summer time. The sun is shining and flowers are blooming, but a hidden danger lies in the most common of inconveniences: bird droppings and nests. It’s disturbing to find birds using your air conditioner as their feeding grounds or building a nest in your air conditioning unit. Bird droppings are unsightly, have the probability to carry diseases and could even prevent the air conditioner from functioning optimally. The best solution is to keep the unit sealed up and unattractive so that birds are not tempted to come near it and not able to roost on top. These days with plethora of construction happening all across Mumbai, birds are mainly using steel to build nests. This can have potentially damaging effects on your AC.

As you can see, an unwanted bird infestation can be a serious problem. Fortunately, if you simply maintain a clean HVAC condition, you cut down the damage :

  1. Remove any bird feeders or birdbaths near your air conditioning unit that attract birds to the site. Take away any leftover nesting materials that the birds may want to reuse.
  2. Look for holes on the sides of the unit to see if there are areas where the birds can actually go inside. Remove any leftover nesting material and cover the holes with fine mesh.
  3. Fasten a board or piece of cardboard on top of your unit at a 45-degree angle so the birds can’t land on top of it. When they land on the angled side, they will slide off.
  4. Stretch bird netting 1 inch higher than the entire air conditioner if it doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the unit. Since the netting is flimsy, the birds won’t be able to grasp it and stay upright.
  5. Wipe the unit down thoroughly with a strong-smelling cleaning product, such as bleach or vinegar, to further discourage birds.
  6. Regularly service your AC units.

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