Looking at owning a fitness equipment? Read this first.

fitness-equipment-starrantyCompanies or brands upgrade or change products every year and its’ best to research products before making the decision of owning one. This rule applies to fitness equipments as well. Just like you would before buying any appliance, look for warranty, parts and labour before purchasing an exercise machine. If the product is not around then the parts will not be easy to find.  Make sure the company that sells the product is service oriented and will take care of the product post its sale. For other parameters influencing your decision, read on

1. Your health stats

Assess your health status before scouting for a fitness machine.

  • If you have health problems such as diabetes or heart disease, talk to your Doctor first. They can guide you to the best exercise routine suited for your medical condition. For example, walking slowly on a treadmill might be a better choice for people with cardiac health problems rather than strenuous strength training.
  • You want to get the maximum out of your workout, at the same time you don’t want the routine to aggravate your medical condition so it is important to gauge what suits you best and make the right choice.

2. The machine you like to use

It’s often difficult to test an exercise machine at a store and this is especially the case if you are planning to buy online. So the best trick is to visit a gym instead. Pick a gym that allows a one-day pass or a free trial, since you’re not looking to get a membership.

  • Spend at least five minutes on each fitness machine, including an elliptical, a stationary bike, a treadmill and strength-training machines. See how your body responds to each of these.
  • If you have knee problems, try the elliptical. If not, try out the treadmill, stationary bike or stair climber.
  • If you want to work your upper body as well as your legs, the elliptical may be your best option. Take help from the experts at the gym and talk to them about the benefits of each equipment. Determine what gave you the best balance of safety and hard work and base your decision on the same.

3. How much does it cost

Cost versus quality. It is nearly impossible to get a direct comparison of cost as every manufacturer has different models, features and options. Researching the cost of service and parts before making choices is also a mandate because even if product looks good and reviews are great; parts and service can be quite expensive.
Fitness equipments come in a wide range of prices so that most people can afford them. However, economical the machine looks, the more likely it is that the parts may wear out faster. Though expensive machines may last longer, you may not want to unnecessarily pay for features you will never use.

You need to chart out what you want out of the machine for eg. Do you want a place to hold a drink or to hook up your smartphone? Do you want a machine with a screen that provides an exercise routine, monitors your heart rate or how many calories you’ve burned?
When you are out shopping for a new exercise machine, do not get persuaded into buying something you don’t really need. Do your research first and get the type of exercise machine that fits your health needs and goals and leaves you feeling satisfied with your purchase. Once you have figured out the answers for each of these, you are ready to own the equipment.

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