Home exercise Vs. Gym membership.


The importance of regular exercise is undeniable. The key to sticking with a fitness plan is finding one that fits right into your lifestyle. For some peeps , home workouts might be all they have time for. But for others, nothing beats the gym environment. To help you decide on whether home workouts or gym workouts are for you, we’ve compiled this handy list. Use it to find the best workout plan for your schedule.

The Pros and Cons of joining a Gym

The Pros

  • The variety – You may feel exercising is easier & effective with lots of equipment options to choose from. If you’re a cardio person, your choices will definitely revolve around — treadmill, elliptical, stair climber, stair stepper, stationary bike, rowing machine, etc. You have machines, weights, cable machines, bands, and more to choose from.
  • The focus – There’s not much you can do at the gym but exercise, which will help you stay focused on your workouts. There are no chores staring you in the face, no kids interrupting you, and nothing to keep you away from your workouts.
  • The motivation – Paying for a gym membership is a huge motivator, but there’s also the vibe you get from working out around other people. You won’t get that when working out alone.
  • The expert advice – You cannot beat the advice a trainer can provide you with to help you reach your goals faster. Guidance of the professionals at gym helps you to build the body perfectly.
  • The Cons

    • The money – No matter where you go, a gym membership is always going to cost you. The fancier the gym, pricier the membership fee.
    • The hassle – Another thing you have to do if you are going to workout at the gym is to get there.  Pack your gym bag, fill up your water, get dressed, drive there, find parking, etc.
    • The people – Here’s another thing about the gym: it’s full of people. Sweaty, earphone-wearing, breathless gym goers who are all busy doing their own thing. Also if most people working out at your slot are good looking and toned, it can do serious damage to your self esteem while work to be at the same time.
    • The hygiene factor – For the most part, gyms are pretty clean and owners ensure that they remain that way if they are serious about their business. But you may encounter that occasional puddle of sweat lurking in one of the machines.

The Pros and Cons of working out at home


The Pros

  • There’s no dress code : At home, you have your own privacy and can do whatever you like it, such as wear clothes of your interest. If you are not too fashion conscious and are the mis-matched pajama types then working out at home will never make your feel out of place.
  • You can exercise at your leisure : Really, you can be in plank position in 5 seconds flat after you wake up.  No need to allocate travel time to and from the gym before you have to begin the morning routine of getting ready for work or getting the kids going for the day.
  • You can buy equipment for less than a gym membership : Whatever is best suited to your needs can be yours for lesser than the membership fee, be it dumbells, yoga mats, stationary bikes

The Cons

  • Lesser equipments : Sure, some people have gym-quality treadmills and ellipticals in their home gyms, but most of us don’t.  We either don’t have that equipment at all, or it’s lower quality which may end up hurting our knees or legs.
  • Maintaining equipments : At the gym it is all sorted and they have means & manpower to reduce equipment downtime else they have equipments to double up. But at home you are responsible for the regular maintenance and servicing of your treadmills, stationary bikes and crosstrainers. A fitness equipment that is non-functional means an exercise routine that goes kaput.
  • Boredome sets in : At the gym, you will have the company of other people and will be enthusiastic to do workouts without feeling tired. At home, you will be alone and may feel bored after ten to fifteen minute of workout and will stop doing it.
  • You will miss the expert advice : Most important is the form in which exercises need to be performed. This cannot be mastered by watching Youtube videos. This is what you could miss the most.Consider your goals and needs carefully to determine which approach has the most to offer you. For a lot of guys, a combination of the two workout types can help them reach their goals. Whatever route you decide to take, be rest assured that we are here to back you up with your fitness equipment servicing and repairs.

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