Why your fitness equipment needs to be fit?


Just as proper diet and exercise help humans live healthier lives, preventive maintenance is the key to getting the most out of electronics and appliances and this includes fitness equipments. Preventing service calls and keeping exercise machines running with minimal downtime requires more than just wiping down the equipment and reporting malfunctioning units to the technician. A regular maintenance schedule  can truly extend the life of your equipment and save money in the long run. Not only does this minimize equipment downtime by identifying problems before they occur, but it also can avert safety issues—such as worn cables or loose bolts—which can result in injuries.

Regular, planned maintenance is strongly advised as it affects not only how long your equipment lasts but also how long it stays visually presentable.

Common Fitness Equipment Issues

There are hundreds of different types of health fitness equipment available today. Some types of fitness equipment have multiple  moving parts, while others are simple, but they all have maintenance requirements to ensure they are safe and effective for all patrons.

To learn about the hazards specific to the fitness equipment you own, we recommend referring to resources provided by the manufacturer. The user manual or guide is generally  a good place to start. For more information read up reliable sources on the internet.

We have listed few common hazards :

  • Improperly aligned treadmill belts
  • Missing safety keys in a treadmill
  • Damaged or missing exercise bike pedal straps
  • Damaged cables on weight lifting machine
  • Torn or worn out resistance bands
  • Broken free weight racks

How Often Should you inspect your Fitness equipments?

Frequency for inspection of a fitness equipment varies greatly depending on both the type and make of the equipment. Since equipment at fitness facilities receive regular use it is recommended to inspect them at least once a week.

In case of issues with your treadmills, incumbent bikes, leg curls, functional trainers do give us a call. Our services start at Rs. 199/-.

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